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Collaborating and convening are a huge part of how many professionals spend their days.

Retreats, meetings, and anytime we're gathering with a group of 3 or more are critical, but often underwhelming. We help bring energy, intention, fun, and meaningful outcomes to your moments that matter. 

Let's get to the heart of the matter.

Our facilitation services help your team have intentional, meaningful interactions and conversations in both small and large groups. We accompany you on a journey of shared awareness, growth, decision-making, and relationship building. 

We act as the "guide on the side" for your retreats, critical meetings, and events/experiences (e.g., a conference/convening).


By partnering with our facilitators, you and your team ensure you're making the most of your time, properly clarifying a specific and clear purpose for the activity, and have a presence in the room (in-person or virtual) who can keep everyone on track, ensure all voices are included, help conversations get unstuck, and, when appropriate, share recommendations from their experience.

Colleagues Working Together

Team Retreats and Off-sites 

Teams big and small, all need moments to realign, connect, and get inspired. We help you with all of the above and more. We design and facilitate team retreats that bring purpose, meaning, and play.

Image by Annie Spratt

Meeting Support

It's hard to lead a meeting and be a fully present, objective participant. Whether you are convening a group for decision-making, ideation, team-building, problem solving, or another reason, we help design and deliver a meaningful experience for all of the participants. 

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