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What intrapersonal, interpersonal, and transformation skills does your team need to maintain strong relationships, thrive in times of change, and navigate the tensions of the modern day workplace? 

We can work with your team, department or company

With over 10 years of experience designing and delivering workshops and training, Emzingo's offerings continue to evolve with the context of the times while remaining true to the core leadership skills that stand the test of time. 


In addition to the delivery of the workshops and training, each session also includes designing and analyzing pre-work that participants complete, preparation meetings with the client lead, worksheets and resources for participants, an "observation report", and a client debrief.


How does emotional granularity improve our leadership skills? How do we connect and collaborate in decentralized working environments? How do we bring self-regulation to our emotions? How do we lead with empathy and compassion?


How can we value work differently? How can we bring purpose and meaning to our organizations? How do we improve our listening and empathy? How do we lead in times of uncertainty and ambiguity?


How to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion in our organizations? How do we create anti-isms structures? How do we build allyship? How do we give equal voice to minorities? How do we build and design for all?

human-centered design

How do we generate ideas and create new solutions that support our community and environmental wellbeing? How do we bring regenerative thinking into our organizations?


How can we work more effectively across geographies and cultures? How do we build thriving local global communities? How do we navigate cultural and emotional nuances? How do we align values in team?

Navigating uncertainty

How do we learn to let go? How do we act couragously and remain humble in the face of uncertainty and constant change? What would leading by insights look like? How do we find opportunities in a complex environment?

Working remotely

2020 was rough. Zoom fatigue. Immense challenges for working parents. Distractions of all sorts. Safety and Health concerns and more. In this workshop we explore and test strategies to keep your team members' relationships strong, work productive, and wellbeing intact.




Workshops, group coaching sessions, personal reflection, and deep discussions to unmask and uncover how we might overcome our own self-doubt to make the change we want to see in our communities and our world.




How do we build spaces of shared meaning?

How do we embrace risk, failure, and wellbeing in our organizations?



"Difficult" can mean something different to everyone. In this session we will share practical tips and a process to prepare for, hold, and reflect on difficult conversations. We'll explore how difficult conversations can be productive, compassionate, allow all parties to be heard, and be positive learning experiences.


We'll help you do just that by first identifying tensions, understanding the current patterns of behavior to address them, and then building new habits and expectations to operate intentionally and more comfortably in a world of tensions.


trust at work

In the midst of a pandemic, it has never been more important to have support network and be surrounded by people you trust. But this rarely happens by accident. Trust and relationships are built interaction by interaction, conversation by conversation and require positivity, consistency, vulnerability, and a desire to be in relationship


Where do we find the wisdom that is lost in knowledge? How do we generate ideas and create new solutions that support our community and environmental wellbeing? How do we bring regenerative thinking into our organizations?

living systems thinking

How do you build systems and structures that serve the wellbeing of our communities?

If you are ready to have a conversation on any of these topics, get in touch with us.

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